The Process

So, here is how your dreamlike copy comes to life.

P.S – Please don’t expect any surprises here

I do not wait for creativity to strike or work at odd hours. Since effective copy is a delicate fusion between science and art – I use my artistic expertise coupled with some proven strategies to get you the results you want.

Step #1

Let’s get to know each other!

Are we a perfect match? Let’s have a quick chat and find out. I will learn about your project, timeline and goals, while you can evaluate if I’m a good candidate for the job.

  • I will listen to you, ask you a TON of questions and get all the details sorted. If everything works out fine, I’ll fix up a quick proposal listing the deliverables, my quote and timeline.
  • You will find out what you will actually be getting, how the magic takes place, and when you can expect to flaunt your copy!
  • Here’s a twist – sometimes, while we’re having a quick chat, you may realize that you are a bit uncertain about your copy. You may not know what you want out of it or where you need to focus – but that’s completely okay. What I can do for you is carry out a road mapping session to set forth your goals and then devise an appropriate content strategy to help you get going.

Step #2

Let’s make it happen!

Okay, so we are a perfect fit – Yay!

You’ve seen the proposal and signed the agreement, I’ll hand you a project kick-off date/time and you will deposit 50% of the amount.

Now comes the best part!

I’ll initiate the process with the following:

  • A detailed questionnaire
  • Comprehensive chat (and note-taking sessions)
  • Extensive market research
  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Identification of the customer pain points (feedback analysis)

I will move onto:

  • Zoning in on your company branding
  • Understanding the exact tone you’re looking for
  • Singling out your customers’ most-dreaded pain points
  • Uncovering your competitors’ shrewd marketing tactics

I’ll put my creativity to use and draft up an interesting outline containing the key points. This will allow you to see what goes where – a complete breakdown of the copy. Once you approve the outline, I’ll use my supernatural abilities to craft an amazing first draft.

P.S. Our first draft will have tons of follow-up remarks and points scattered all over it.

Step #3

Time for some fine-tuning!

This is the point where we convert our rock-solid first effort into a WOW-ZA Finale. After a thorough revision of the first draft, you will send me your honest feedback (Yes, I’m very much open to criticism – try me!) Then I’ll carry out all the touch-ups and buff it up to make it sparkle before I send it off for a final review.

P.S. - 3 rounds of revision are on the house!

And I might just stick around for a bit to make sure the final layout (along with the images) looks perfect! This helps to make sure that the copy and the visuals are working together in perfect harmony to delight the on-lookers.

Step #4

Your flawless copy is ready

Brace yourself – Your flawless copy is ready to razzle-dazzle your audience (and shatter your competitors)!

Once the deed is done and packed with a punch, you’ll finally get access to your perfected copy ready to turn heads! This is the point where I get my remaining buck and we celebrate with a bang! You might also want to text up your friends and tell them about this awesome copywriter you met – not bragging, of course!

So, are you willing to:

  • Gain access to qualified leads without any hassles
  • Deliver the right message to the right audience
  • Accelerate your sales and your income

Let’s kick start your content game!

Enough of the chatter, let’s hear it directly from my clients!

  • Imran Haq

    One more time, this copywriter is awesome! In time work deliveries, no grammatical mistakes and high quality content. 5 stars!!!

    Imran Haq
    WeDesigns Website Developer, US
  • Cengiz Karahan

    Perfect freelancer! She wrote the content for all the pages on my website, and she did fantastic work. She is fast and has not only excellent writing skills, but also communication skills. Definitely, I will continue to work with her! :) Thank you again for your great job!

    Cengiz Karahan
    WedLab Wedding Photography Service, Frankfurt
  • Basit Moharkan

    Yusra is extremely professional. I would definitely recommend her to the others. She is the epitome of delivering with quality.

    Basit Moharkan
    Brainly Inc., NY
  • Nathan N,

    I love Yusra. Her work ethic is impressive. She is very honest and helped me build my business. It was so fun to watch her produce excellent work after providing her minimum instructions. She has completed her assigned task under budget and way before deadline. I can't thank her enough and the bonus payment I have paid her is not enough to show my appreciation. I believe in reviews and this my way to let the world know I appreciate her work and professionalism. I would definitely hire her again for upcoming projects. Thank you.

    Nathan N,
    Fama Juice Cold-Pressed Juicery, US
  • Farrukh Bashir

    Yusra was a pleasure to work with. She not only managed to grasp what I wanted when it comes to copywriting, her research on the topics, speed of delivery, content that she produced was excellent. I highly recommend Yusra for all your copywriting work. Excellent.

    Farrukh Bashir
    Infinigence Consulting IT Company, Bahrain
  • Ashley Stadalmaier

    This freelancer has some serious writing skills. I was afraid to hire someone thinking I would be unhappy but she has proved me wrong. Her skills and creativity set her apart from her peers. I will definitely ask her for help with future writing tasks.

    Ashley Stadalmaier
    Clothing Store Owner, US
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