My Offer

So, What Exactly Do I Have to Offer?

No, your business is no joke. It is the REAL DEAL.

You wouldn’t want to risk throwing your hard earned money at some “expert” and closing your eyes, hoping the results will be fantastic. What you need is a knowledge-hungry, result-obsessed copywriter that is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in time! I’m someone who spends most of my time learning and training to make sure you get the results you OH-SO-CRAVE!

Blog & Article Writing

You need to bring more visitors to your website – and your blogs can help you do just that by creating a firm digital mesh that will engross them as long as you want.

But what can I possibly write about my product/service? How many words do I include? Oh, and do I have to post every week?

I will help you build out your blog – coming up with new share-worthy pieces to publish and spreading the word about your product/service as far as it can go. You’d be surprised to see new visitors knocking upon your door (virtual one, of course) every week!

Sales Copywriting

You want to up your selling game.

Yes, your product is awesome! But do your customers know about it? What problems does it solve for them?

Cracking the code to the customer’s needs – that’s just how I roll. I will dig deep to find out their pain points and then establish exactly how your product is just what they need. Throw in a few extra perks and your copy starts converting like CRAZY!

Web Copywriting

If your business had a face, it would be your website – so it needs to be more than just astounding. It has to be CONVINCING.

Troubled thinking about how many pages you might need? What about the tone/structure?

I can help you pan out a concrete content strategy along with a ready-to-kill copy that keeps your readers hooked (and begging for more).

Social Media Copywriting

You want the viewers to CLICK and engage instead of just gaze. You want the world to know about your product/service. You want likes, shares and heartfelt comments – and this is where I come in!

But how often do I post? And how can I talk about the same thing again and again – feels pointless, right?

Well, not really. The consumer psychology works in a strange manner. The more they see a thing, the more drawn they feel towards it. And what really is there that incredible copy can’t achieve? I will create a banging social media strategy for your business – stories, posts, banners, posters – you name it!

SEO Copywriting

Do you really think anyone bothers to go beyond the first page of the search engine results? I know some kickass SEO content optimization strategies that will help Google spiders not only find you but also be glad about it. Don’t forget - it is important to keep those crawling spiders happy and only concrete SEO-optimized copy can do that.

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