About me?

Scratch that, let’s talk about YOU.

The problem is that your current copy is bland and dreary or just not enticing enough, which drives your prospects away faster than a speeding bullet.

You tried getting a writer on board, but all you received was an extravagant, jargon-stuffed manual that had little to no conversions. And that one time, when you needed a smooth lead page, you got swamped with baffled users that straight up clicked the dreaded cross halfway through.

Now, you must know that effective copy has RIDICULOUS power.

Power to

  • Kick start your sales
  • Uplift your brand
  • Attract serious buyers
  • Establish your name & brand

You see, the thing is, I am at war with bland copy. I just cannot stand distasteful, mind-numbing content that has no real message or meaning to it. I hate cloning competitors or guessing my way through your copy. My approach is simple – research-based and result-focused.

So, are you ready to transform your business game?

10+ Years of Experience in Copywriting and Marketing.

So, who am I really?

I am passionate about writing. I have been writing for the past 8 years. Started out small and now we talking to the big giants… Nah-ah. I am sort of allergic to clichés here

My name is Yusra (the URL gives it away anyway). I am a wife, serious chocolate addict and I have severe ADD. So, I make sure my copy gets plenty of attention. In a nutshell – I settle for nothing less than perfection.

I am also a result-obsessed content creator who has spent close to a decade helping clients build their name from scratch. Effective copy is a sophisticated reflection of your brand, and I do whatever it takes to help my clients get there. My signature style is organic, laser-focused, immersive copy that hits the target head on! This means your clients will develop a virtual, deep-rooted connection with your brand and choose YOU over your competitors ALWAYS.

I turn your sleazy copy into influential, winning content that’s nothing less than incredible.

  • Step 1Carrying out all the dirty work that takes your clients from nah to AHA within minutes!

    I dive deep into your brand – digging out all the gold, which includes: - Customer pain points - Competitor analysis - Your very own, unique USP
  • Step 2Uncovering your unique brand message and launching it out into the market like a fireball

    Carving out killer copy that hits all the right notes — I take a blank word page and load it with fabulous-goodness (a blend of your unique offerings) that brings instant leads (not to mention my secret tit-bits that provoke instant action)
  • Step 3Using creative, fresh-as-a-daisy, artistic lingo to get your readers hooked

    Adding my signature perfectionist touch to it to make it sing — Working together with you till the very end - tweaking it until you are ready to flaunt it!

...and that's how I help you conquer the game and get it just right!

I’ll get it done – I always do.

The drafts will be on time – always.

Not your average read.

No mind-numbing copy that causes you to yawn (and snore).

Science for the win!

I don’t just let my creative juices flow – I mix in a bit of science to get high-power formulas that result in instant success.

You will enjoy working with me because

Feeling the adrenaline rush, already? Let’s have a quick chat!

Do you?

  • Want kickass copy that is creative yet strategic
  • Feel tired of working with people that keep dodging the deadlines
  • Have a team in place but need an expert copywriter to gauge your work
  • Want to stop throwing your hard-earned money on folks who just don't get it!
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