Hello! I'm Yusra

I've helped 300+ businesses achieve incredible growth. If I can do it for them, I can certainly do it for you.

P roud copywriter, tech-savvy editor, and a crazy research addict with a result–obsessed mindset. I help budding businesses achieve incredible growth through seductive copy that sets sales into motion. Want to shatter your competitors and delight your customers? Let’s get started!

  • Slightly obsessive: Yes
  • Allergic to run-of-the-mill copy: Uh-Duh!
  • Transparent approach with an extraordinary flair? Double YES!

P.S. — I am not a good loser. So, if we team up, we are bound to WIN!

So, What Exactly Do I Have to Offer?


Blog & Article Writing

You need to bring more visitors to your website – and your blogs can help you do just that by creating a firm digital mesh that will engross them as long as you want.

Sales Copywriting

Yes, your product is awesome! But do your customers know about it? What problems does it solve for them?


Web Copywriting

If your business had a face, it would be your website – so it needs to be more than just astounding. It has to be CONVINCING.

Social Media Copywriting

You want the viewers to CLICK and engage instead of just gaze. You want the world to know about your product/service. You want likes, shares and heartfelt comments

Why would you want to team up with a perfection-obsessed copywriter?

No, your business is no joke. It is the REAL DEAL.

Y ou wouldn’t want to risk throwing your hard-earned money at some “expert” and closing your eyes, hoping the results will be fantastic. What you need is a knowledge-hungry, result–obsessed copywriter that is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in time! I’m someone who spends most of my time learning and training to make sure you get the results you OH-SO-CRAVE

  • You talk – I listen
  • Never get stood up again!
  • You get to throw one more thing off your plate!
  • You will always feel at home with me.
  • You will enjoy the entire process – and the outcome!

Mind if I show off?

  • Imran Haq

    One more time, this copywriter is awesome! In time work deliveries, no grammatical mistakes and high quality content. 5 stars!!!

    Imran Haq
    WeDesigns Website Developer, US
  • Cengiz Karahan

    Perfect freelancer! She wrote the content for all the pages on my website, and she did fantastic work. She is fast and has not only excellent writing skills, but also communication skills. Definitely, I will continue to work with her! :) Thank you again for your great job!

    Cengiz Karahan
    WedLab Wedding Photography Service, Frankfurt
  • Basit Moharkan

    Yusra is extremely professional. I would definitely recommend her to the others. She is the epitome of delivering with quality.

    Basit Moharkan
    Brainly Inc., NY
  • Nathan N,

    I love Yusra. Her work ethic is impressive. She is very honest and helped me build my business. It was so fun to watch her produce excellent work after providing her minimum instructions. She has completed her assigned task under budget and way before deadline. I can't thank her enough and the bonus payment I have paid her is not enough to show my appreciation. I believe in reviews and this my way to let the world know I appreciate her work and professionalism. I would definitely hire her again for upcoming projects. Thank you.

    Nathan N,
    Fama Juice Cold-Pressed Juicery, US
  • Farrukh Bashir

    Yusra was a pleasure to work with. She not only managed to grasp what I wanted when it comes to copywriting, her research on the topics, speed of delivery, content that she produced was excellent. I highly recommend Yusra for all your copywriting work. Excellent.

    Farrukh Bashir
    Infinigence Consulting IT Company, Bahrain
  • Ashley Stadalmaier

    This freelancer has some serious writing skills. I was afraid to hire someone thinking I would be unhappy but she has proved me wrong. Her skills and creativity set her apart from her peers. I will definitely ask her for help with future writing tasks.

    Ashley Stadalmaier
    Clothing Store Owner, US
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